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Exafore Horizon is a new, scalable positioning system designed for warehouse, factory or office interiors, powered with UWB technology.  It provides a location accuracy of within 10 cm – even through walls.

With Exafore Horizon at your side, you won’t waste time searching for your assets and process efficiency will increase. It will also make it easier for maintenance and service staff to work in a new location.

Technical information

100% Location Data

Accurate location technology generates data that will help you streamline your processes. Seamless location data will improve your production predictability and will help you plan out your logistics processes. Exafore Horizon is simple to integrate and the data is easy to analyze, meaning you’ll start getting access to valuable data quickly.

The location of each industrial grade (IP67) tag can be updated every second if necessary. In open spaces, the signal will reach up to 50 meters. One base station can cover up to 500 m2, which increases its cost-effectiveness. Installation and deployment is quick and the base stations don’t need to be installed in a permanent location.

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Horizon for Industry


A modern solution for real-time indoor asset tracking. Use Horizon in your warehouse to improve your production processes, for collision avoidance, and valuable asset tracking. Horizon’s robust construction allows it to operate in harsh conditions with a long battery life.



Horizon For Your Workplace

Use Horizon to keep track of your critical personnel and assets — even in multi-story buildings. Horizon is easy to install and can be used without an internet connection for maximum data security.


10 cm accuracy

ultra-wideband technology

location data

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