Ensuring you an optimized
gnss location solution

You may have a business case that requires satellite navigation, but you haven’t worked out the software, hardware or other details. That is where we come in.

As independent consultants, we are not – and neither will you be – tied to a single product or technology. The optimal solution down to every component will always be determined by your business case.

Developing independent GNSS technology is our core expertise. As far as GNSS receiver design goes, no-one does it better than us.

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For the technically minded,
here’s a closer look at our

receiver expertise

From RF requirements to optimized position/velocity/time (PVT) information

gnss receiver

all satellite systems covered
  • L1, L2, L5, G1, G2, B1, E1, E5 etc.
  • Frequency domain and time domain methods, including FFT and matched filters
  • Tailored signal detection algorithms
  • Re-acquisition control design and optimization
  • Correlation HW&SW, tracking loop design and optimization, C/N0 estimation methods
Position Estimation
  • Statistical estimation methods, time management, satellite orbit estimation, navigation message management, advanced RAIM methods, cross-correlation detection and mitigation, AGPS/AGNSS
Unmatched implementation expertise
  • From SW receivers to deeply embedded real-time systems
  • Single-CPU and multi-CPU
  • CPU and memory optimization
  • Power consumption management
  • Receiver architecture design
Advanced features
  • Robustness algorithms for urban environments
  • Sensor integration (accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, odometer, barometer)
  • Satellite orbit prediction
State-of-the-art testing
  • Test specifications, test automation, execution, field tests