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Exafore Horizon is a real-time indoor positioning system. Thanks to ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, it achieves an excellent position accuracy of 10 cm. Horizon can be used in any situation that benefits from real-time location tracking.

Horizon for your warehouse

A modern solution for real-time indoor asset tracking. Use Horizon in your warehouse to improve your production processes, for collision avoidance, and valuable asset tracking. Horizon’s robust construction allows it to operate in harsh conditions with a long battery life.

Horizon for your workplace

Use Horizon to keep track of your critical personnel and assets — even in multi-story buildings. Horizon is easy to install and can be used without an internet connection for maximum data security.

Never lose assets

When you know the exact location of your important tools and equipment in a workshop or in a warehouse, you can always focus on the tasks at hand. UWB enables unbeatable accuracy.

Streamline processes

Recording and analysing automatically collected location information can yield significant improvements in your processes. With a reliable real-time report you can also forecast operations accurately.

Increase Safety

Get the level of safety you need inside multi-story buildings by tracking the location of people and assets in real-time.

How does an indoor positioning system work?


Performs range measurement with Base Stations (BS)

Base station

Sends measurements and sensor data to EXL Server


Computes tag positions and sends them out through EXACT API

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Main features of Exafore Horizon positioning
Accuracy up to 10 cmQuick to install, easy to use and scalable
Range up to 100 mEasy to integrate
Operates through wallsUltra-wide band (UWB) technology
Supports 3D positioningPowered over Ethernet or through USB
Real-time locating system (RTLS), with 1 Hz operationHigh security: can be used with no connection to internet
Robust base station and tags, with IP67 rating for industrial use, and IP40 for office useEXACT API provides a single unified interface for all applications

Base Station Datasheet


Tag Datasheet

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